Natural Dominion aims to enhance your natural hair care experience. Our objective is:
1. For our clients to have the absolute healthiest, natural head of hair possible.
2. To truly experience a piece of peace in a relaxing, positive, family environment.
3. To do our utmost to help you embrace your new liberating life style. Our consultants are certified and "R" certified or in training keeping up with the latest techniques and approaches with our beautiful tightly textured hair! We offer trustworthy information and highly value our clients suggestions and new ideas.
Start your Sisterlocks journey today with Natural Dominion.
Sisterlocks™ R Certified Consultant | Natural Dominion | Toledo, OH | (419) 870-1025
If you are a new all-natural sister looking for the right R Certified Consultant in Toledo, OH, look no further than Natural Dominion...
Natural Hair Care Specialist | Natural Dominion | Toledo, OH | (419) 870-1025
Natural hair needs extra attention and care in order to look and feel its best, so bring all of your natural hair needs to the best natural...

Natural Dominion provides total customer satisfaction for all of our quality, chemical-free hair treatments.

Welcome to Natural Dominion

Natural hair is happy hair and when you call Natural Dominion in Toledo, OH you can set up a consultation with one of our “hair gurus” to help you fulfill your desire to live a natural, chemically free hair care life style. Our professionals believe that your hair should flow free and only be treated with the most basic and natural of ingredients in order to ensure its complete health and look its finest.

Through appointment, we offer different classes, techniques, and consultations to help you make the most of your natural hair and learn how to wash, treat, and style it so you get the growth you want. Natural hair requires more maintenance than processed hair, which is why we work closely with all our clients to educate and prepare you for the many challenges on the path to natural hair and help you confidently accept and love the hair you have!

At Natural Dominion in Toledo, OH, our motto is “A Piece of Peace” because through our various services we offer you the peace of mind of knowing that everything we use on your hair is completely natural and good for your hair’s health. Additionally, with us you are sure to get elite, world class service you know you can trust, whether you seek help from our Sisterlocks™ R Certified Consultant, our Natural Hair Care Specialist, or if you are in the market for a treatment made from our Jamaican raw honey.

When it comes to natural hair, the right help can go a long way. Cary your natural hair care needs to Natural Dominion and get professional help you can depend on.